Soccer vs Snow Day issue

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Soccer vs Snow Day issue

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Of my 2300 or so games, about 2000 are Snow Day. I tend not to play soccer because I am dog shit at aerials, but at least reasonably good at wall play and D on Snow Day. I would really like to play more soccer, but the issue I'm running into is that my rating, while unimpressive, is accurate for snow day. When I switch over to soccer, I get put in with players many times better than me because my rating is propped up by snow day. In this sense, it's just embarrassing when I play soccer and I end up going right back to snow day. Is there a separate rating system in place for the two playlists? It wouldn't seem so on the surface. Anyway, I do see some people talk about having separate accounts for team play vs play with friends. Are these people justy paying for a 2nd xbox live account and switching between the two?I think a great way to learn aerials better would be to play against lesser players so I have time to react. When I have time, I can generally connect, but the pace of play is simply too fast for a learning environment at my current rank. Part of me also feels like if I haven't gotten the hang of aerials after 2300 games, I may just not ever be good at it. Any suggestions?

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